Holistic Therapies

Some of the holistic therapies we list below have been in use for decades, some of them are very well researched and in use by hospitals and clinics around the world. Some may be classed as ‘complementary or even alternative’ and might not have undergone strict clinical trials but nevertheless people find benefit in using them and will continue to do so.

This does not mean that they do not work or that they will not benefit the person using them.

It costs vast amounts of money to fund clinical trials, so if they have not been through extensive trials it is most likely because clinical trials are run by scientists and drug companies and it is not in their best interests to trial a therapy that they are not able to market in the future.

Integrative approaches to healing reassuringly have a good safety record, but you should always seek expert advice to avoid any negative interactions with any orthodox approaches you are currently undertaking.

Patients who are able to access integrative medicine, either instead of or in conjunction with orthodox treatments very often find that they have an enormous impact on them and the progress through whatever treatment they undertake.   Many would say that they play a vital role in long term survival.

For patients who have reached the end of the line treatment plan with orthodox medicine, integrated medicine can improve wellbeing and often extend life expectancy.

Whatever treatment plan is used by the patient, it is important that they have access to all the information available and that they take an active role in deciding what treatment is best for them and that they are supported in this decision by both medical professionals and family.

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