About Us

About Us

Free support for cancer patients and their carers

About T.A.C.

Together Against Cancer is an international charity which assists in the relief of cancer and similar conditions through education, complementary therapies, grants and public awareness. 

We’re committed to helping those fighting and recovering from illness. Our mission is ultimately to equip as many people as possible with the power to take control of their own health.

Many also wish to adopt a holistic approach to healing, but can often be overwhelmed by the amount of information available. This is why our Education and Wellness Centre exists; by offering free nutritional guidance, practical workshops and one-to-one therapies, we provide the tools that can help to create and maintain a healthy mind-body balance.

Outside the centre, our commitment to dis-ease prevention and healing continues, extending to similar charities both in the UK and overseas, such as The Foundation for Collaborative Medicine and Research (CollMed) and Destiny Medical Fund.

Supported by fundraising, TAC Wellness Centre can provide support to you.

"I recommend TAC to others living with cancer & have attended their super workshops which are immensely practical & another great resource. A HUGE thank you to TAC for their ongoing help & support."