Business Fundraising

Business Fundraising

We Need
Your Support

How you can

Support Local Families.

Small Salon, shop, restaurant, pub, service provider or manufacturer?

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Donations-in-kind for prize draws

As we work towards launching our new online lottery we would be grateful if you could commit to offering a gift on a monthly basis for our lottery players to win. 

Contact us today for a no-obligation conversation about your ideas.

These can be:

  – products

  – hampers

  – experiences

  – services

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Encouraging your team or customers to take part in events or challenges to raise money will greatly help us on our mission. Take a look at our fundraising pages for more ideas and get in touch to discuss your ideas.


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Small Donations Or Purchases

One-off donations or purchases of essential equipment would be hugely appreciated and will be displayed on our website for thousands of local monthly visitors to see.

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Donation Matching

A commitment to matching donations raised by fund-raisers in your organisation is great for your teams-morale and fantastic PR for your business.

Larger Business or

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Host a Dress-Down Charity Day

It won’t cost you a penny! A casual dress-down day is a fun way to engage staff and raise money for a good cause.

Let us know when it’s happening and we can come to the business, share some information and collect donations from people (recommended donation £2 per person).


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Become A Local Hero!

We are looking for a small number of non-competing businesses to become our Local Heroes.

Partnering with us as a Local Hero means your business will feature at the forefront of our marketing efforts. A regular monthly or annual amount restricted to the services you would like to support could be a lifeline to dozens of families.

Alternatively, you may want to sponsor a particular room, facility or service.

Talk to us about how our Local Heroes can can do something great for the community whilst also benefitting from great exposure!


We need your help to support the hundreds of people who rely on us.

(and we promise it won't cost the earth...)

What We Do... essential to those who need it most

Mental wellbeing can make a huge difference to the treatment process.

We equip patients and carers with the knowledge and tools to empower them to take control of their own mental wellbeing.

We Really Make A Difference

To hundreds of people just like Rachael.

We Are Small


We won't waste your donations on bloated salaries.

Does your business want the most effective way to have an impact in the community...

We are a lean team supported by volunteers. 

This means that 100% of your donations go directly to providing essential services.


Services We Offer:

FREE Therapies

Such as scar therapy, hydroxy therapy and a range of complementary treatments.

These therapies are all about giving to patients a comfortable experience and allowing them to take control of their own state-of-mind. They are all deeply beneficial and not freely available through other channels.

FREE Wellbeing Classes

From nutrition and meditation to exercise and yoga our free classes are open to anyone that has had a cancer diagnosis or has received treatment in the last 3 years.

The benefits of good nutrition and exercise on the mind and the body are well documented and this valuable service really helps the healing process.

FREE Counselling

An essential part of the healing process.

Sometimes, all we need is for somebody to listen but we don’t always want to talk.


Our professional counsellors are available to offer a friendly ear and to help people open up about their feelings. Giving them strategies and solutions to help minimise the mental suffering involved with treatment.

FREE Events

Sometimes you just need to a safe place to go to be around people who understand.

It is easy to become withdrawn when faced with a diagnosis and we believe that nobody should suffer alone.

FREE Healing Hub

All our clients get access to our hub for exercise, healthy recipes, exercises and (coming soon) online wellbeing webinars to help bring mroe people together.

Why We Need Your Help

We cannot always offer services straight away.

Often we have waiting lists for the treatments we offer.

Mental Health Awareness On The Rise

As we become more aware of the effects of mental health on the rest of the body, more people feel able to reach out to us for support.

Increased Demand

More and more people are diagnosed with cancer each year and through recommendations alone, demand for our services is growing all the time.

Economic Conditions

Since 2020 our facilities and services have become more costly to run, limiting the number of people we can help.

What Your

Help When It’s Needed.

Your support means that we can offer more counselling, wellbeing and nutritionist appointments meaning that wait lists will be reduced.

TAC fundraisers


Being a small charity means that our services do not always get to the people who most need it. More funding means more people helped at a time when they need it most.

Reduced suffering.

Our services are a lifeline for those who are struggling with the emotional effects of the diagnosis of themselves or a loved one.

Let's work together to help reduce suffering for families across Leicestershire.

Send us a quick message TODAY for a
no-obligation chat about fundraising ideas.