Counselling & Coaching

Counselling & Coaching

Talk to an experienced therapist

Share your thoughts

Counselling gives you the opportunity to share your thoughts and feelings in a safe place, with an experienced therapist who will listen without judgement.

Whether you have cancer yourself or you are supporting someone who does. Cancer and cancer treatment can bring lots of changes, both in the short term and longer term, finding ways of accepting these can be challenging.

Counselling can help you to see and understand situations or relationships in a new light.

Wellbeing Coaching

The role of a coach is:

The coach will ask questions, be non-judgmental, get the client thinking on how to move forward, help them uncover what their biggest hurdles are and find strategies and solutions that create impactful change. 

If this resonates with you, you will commit to a minimum of 5 sessions, so YOU get the chance to work on each step along the way, at your own pace.

Nutrition Coaching

Nutritional Coaching through one-to-one sessions.

There’s no getting around it… food is an essential part of our life.

Food fuels all systems of the body yet many of us are confused about what we should be eating. We can help you to implement a simple program using real foods though nutritional counselling. 

You may also choose to attend one of our workshops and gain from the support of others. Workshops can be booked via the Events page on this website.

Nutrition coaching
"I recommend TAC to others living with cancer & have attended their super workshops which are immensely practical & another great resource. A HUGE thank you to TAC for their ongoing help & support."
/ T.A.C. Member

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