Workshops & Events

Breathe and Relax – This session will ease you gently into a relaxing and calming meditation, we will cover the benefits of meditation, useful techniques for helping you to relax and how to design your own short 5 min meditation which you can use first thing in the morning.  Start your day in a calm positive state of mind.




Gut Health/Probiotic Foods – Learn why cultured/probiotic foods are beneficial to health, taster session and practical workshop so you can make your own jar to take home. This workshop will outline all you need to know about the importance of eating foods which are beneficial for our good bacteria and how good gut health is linked to our immune system. Probiotic foods can be mysterious and intimidating. We will demonstrate how tasty they are and how you can include them in your daily diet. This workshop is informative, practical, and fun. The workshop is a hands-on making session whereby you will get to create your own jar of cultured vegetables to take home.



Healthy Meals made Easy – This workshop will cover how we can address our habits in relation to wheat, sugar and dairy. It includes demonstrations on how to prepare meals which are nutrient rich but won’t break the bank or take hours in the kitchen. The workshop will cover: sprouting, juices and smoothies, alternatives for dairy milk, breakfast bowls, simple delicious meal or soup, selection of salads, quick decadent dessert.  Enjoy a lunch prepared at the workshop and go home with the recipes for all dishes prepared in the workshop.  This workshop is ideal for everyone interested in learning about eating a healthy diet.



Juicing – is the easiest way to squeeze more nutrition into your diet. Fresh vegetables and fruit make a delicious juice, which is full of vitamins and minerals. This workshop aims to give you the confidence to juice an abundance of fresh fruits and vegetables and give your health a kick-start. This is a practical workshop so everyone will get involved in the process of juicing, includes tasting session of the juices made at the workshop. The workshop is led by Nutritional Therapist Stephen Gamble.




Kefir Workshop – Kefir is a beverage made from fermented milk. Since kefir is rich in probiotics, many people consume kefir for health purposes. Kefir may help stimulate the immune system and improve digestive health and may help people with; Allergies, Chronic Fatique Syndrome, Depresson, Diabetes, Eczema, High Blood Pressure, Ache, High Cholesterol, Insomnia, Irritable bowel syndrome. This workshop explains the background to this drink and how to make it.




Kombucha Workshop –Kombucha is a living health drink made by fermenting tea and sugar with the kombucha culture (the SCOBY – symbiotic culture of bacteria and yeast). The result can taste like something between sparkling apple cider and champagne.. Many of the benefits reported include improvements in energy levels, metabolic disorders, allergies,  digestive problems, candidiasis, hypertension, chronic fatigue and arthritis. This workshop will provide you with the start up knowledge that you need to make your own Kombucha at home. Dena Smiles, who facilitates this workshop, will provide a Starter kit (including SCOBY, tea with Jars) along with a handy information sheet so you can brew this amazing drink at home.



Nutrition for Life – This workshop will address the issues which can improve general health and well-being such as: Good Gut Health (digestion and elimination), Dairy vs Non-Dairy, Alternatives, Animal Protein vs Plant Protein, Sugars, Good Fats, Bad Fats.  This workshop is deal for those with cancer, weight issues, diabetes, pre-diabetes, heart disease, and everyone interested in learning about the foundations of a healthy diet.




Relaxation for Health – This workshop is a lovely relaxing session which will provide you with the tools and ideas to enable you to completely relax providing your body with a sound foundation to build upon and heal. This workshop is suitable for everyone as no previous experience or knowledge in any area is required. This workshop includes sessions on stress and how it affects the body, yoga, journals and meditation.  Light refreshments will be available throughout the day and simple healthy lunch will be provided.  You are advised to wear loose fitting clothing and bring a blanket.



Way to Wellness – This is a full day event, with multiple sessions/talks by experts in their own right.  Subjects covered change on each Way to Wellness event.  We only provide 3 of these events each year. Lunch and refreshments are provided on the day.