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Blood Sugar Roundabout

Join Suzanne for this ONLINE talk on Blood Sugar, the impact of food and impact on our bodies.

Join Suzanne for this talk on Blood Sugar, the impact of food and impact on our bodies

“Traditional healthy eating advice from the last few decades is now being replaced by modern scientific studies that show much of what we’ve been told is not quite right.

My mission is to teach as many people as possible how to control their weight in a way that’s easy, healthy, and sustainable in the long term – so the weight actually stays off!

By understanding your blood sugar system and the foods that trigger spikes for you, you will learn exactly how to choose the right foods for you, without counting calories, or denying yourself food when you are hungry.”

This online workshop is FREE for all REGISTERED clients and carers (please contact the office on 0116 246 0195 if you wish to register).

All General Admission tickets are £5 + admin fee.

Zoom details are shared on the morning of the workshop.

Event Details
25. 05. 2021.
10:30 am - 12:00 pm
Together Against Cancer
Unit S1 Troon Way Business Centre, Humberstone Lane