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Sickness in the modern world

Why are some of the wealthiest countries also the sickest? And why is illness so prevalent the world over, when the 21st Century has brought huge advances in medicine and technology?

To put it simply, all dis-ease begins at a cellular level. And our cells are made of energy. Therefore, without a healthy balance between mind and body, we inevitably succumb to ‘ill-ness’, in whichever form this may manifest – cancer, multiple sclerosis, diabetes etc.

In the modern world (especially the West), many of us live in a constant state of stress, which is one of the biggest inhibitors of the immune system. Combined with a diet of junk food, chemically-laced cosmetics, exposure to environmental toxins and more, our bodies are constantly fighting to stay well.

Maintaining balance

The human body is a living organism which possesses amazing healing qualities.

But it also stores information – much like a computer – constantly filing folders on to the hard drive of our lives, deep within our cells. And research is now indicating a relation between sickness and our state of mind. This means ‘healing’ is not just a physical process, but emotional too.

This is why we believe a holistic approach to healing (and of course prevention) is key. We need to ensure our mind, emotions and spirit are in check, along with the adoption of a diet filled with all the essential nutrients, minerals and enzymes our cells need to keep us well.

Some of the ways we can aid ourselves on this journey are through daily practices such as meditation, yoga, spending time in nature and cultivating positive emotions like love, joy, acceptance (especially of the self and the present moment) and willingness. Once we begin to work on ourselves from a mind-body perspective, our outlook, well-being and health also begin to change for the better.

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