The Mary How Trust

The Mary How Trust was set up as a tribute to a young mother who was diagnosed with bowel cancer in 1987. When she died she was just 46. Mary’s son, Jeremy, explains, that “on the night she died my mother’s GP and my father founded The Mary How Trust, an organisation they hoped would allow the early detection of malignant and other diseases”.

mary how trust-reception

Her husband, Raymond How, remained close to the Mary How Trust until his death in 1996.  Since then their children Jeremy and Victoria have continued their family’s commitment to the Mary How Trust’s aims, and Jeremy is on the board of trustees.

The primary focus of this charity is to provide free health screenings.  Each screening costs £220 to provide and their service is entirely funded by donations and fundraising.

The health screenings look for early signs of cancer and other life-threatening illnesses such as colon cancer, heart disease, diabetes, etc.  The screening consists of a nurse consultation and, for men over 50 and all women, an ultrasound scan.  The tests include a faecal occult blood test, and a fasting blood sample that looks for a number of conditions including liver function, red and white blood cells counts and – for men over 45 – a PSA test.  The Trust also suggests ways to make the most of your health and fitness, and to safeguard the quality of life.

Our support for this charity relates to our belief that early detection can help save lives and that prevention is easier than cure.

Phone:  01798-877640

Address:  Pulborough Primary Care Centre, Spiro Close, Pulborough RH20 1FG



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