How To Prepare For Winter & Boost Your Immunity

How To Prepare For Winter & Boost Your Immunity

Prepare for winter & boost immunity

How To Prepare For Winter & Boost Your Immunity

Seasonal changes can affect us all, both positively and negatively in various ways. Some people find it stressful when the days get shorter and colder. Personally, leaving the winter weather behind as we move into Spring is a wonderful time of the year for me, as it signifies darkness to light, coldness to warmth, and the birth of a brave new world, with all the wonder and excitement of what the coming year might bring. Coming out of a hard winter can really enhance our appreciation for Spring! It’s not that I dislike winter, and some of my happiest memories are set in the Christmas season… the fun I had playing in the snow, sledging and skating on frozen ponds and rivers (…definitely not advised!) However, it is very important that as we get older, we continue to look after ourselves by being aware of the extra stresses that the colder, wetter seasons bring.

Fast forward to the present… the world, post-covid, seems to be a very different place from my childhood memories, and the last two and a half years have tested most of us to the limit. The prospect of a long, cold, dark winter and the energy crisis continuing to worsen, will likely raise stress levels which may be problematic, both physically, mentally and financially. Particularly for those of us already struggling with health problems.

So, with all this in mind, what simple things can we do to lower these possible stresses and help to boost immunity?

It is important for everyone, but especially those on a healing journey, to maintain a healthy diet all year round, and importantly to enjoy the foods that we consume. 

We instinctively eat much less raw food in the winter months, but I believe it is important to continue to consume some organic raw food alongside warming cooked foods, as the raw foods contain enzymes – the ‘life force of the plant’ that are required for balanced health and vitality.

If you need more information on simple, healthy and most importantly… budget-friendly meal preparation, please visit the cooking section on the Together Against Cancer Healing Hub. We are also planning to launch a special Eating With The Seasons online course, packed full of meal tips and recipes in accordance with the fruits and vegetables in abundance at each time of year. Living closer to nature in this way is so important for our health, vibration, carbon footprint, our connection to nature and the growth cycle. We also provide copies of Healing Deliciously and Healing Deliciously Goes Vegan, recipe books curated by Melanie Gamble and contributors, designed to support your healing journey and boost immunity through home-cooked goodness. Copies are available online or at the TAC Education and Wellbeing Centre here in Leicester.

Another very important aspect in order to boost immunity and thrive during winter is to engage in regular, moderate exercise. This helps you to handle stresses more effectively by enhancing your mood and optimism in a positive way. Regular exercise gives us the feel-good factor! Your body releases endorphins after completing each workout, and these endorphins produce a morphine-like effect which enhance mood and positivity. This is especially helpful for mild depression or if you find seasonal change affects your mental health. Not to mention the physical benefits of exercise… improving heart health, circulation, stamina, muscles and joint health.

I’m always happy to help if you have any concerns around diet and exercise, so please get in touch at to arrange a personalised healthy lifestyle coaching session.

Wishing you all a fit and healthy winter season.

Words by Stephen Gamble, Naturopathic Nutritionist at Together Against Cancer.