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Help us to change someone’s life, to help provide for them and their family when needed.

The NHS may provide the standard treatments but do they have the time to really listen to patients, provide ongoing support, healthy eating advice, information on using integrated therapies or provide funding and grants for people with cancer? We can help by supplying organic veg boxes, nutrition consultations, help with funding items patients need etc.

Time and time again, we hear patients tell us how much they have benefited from attending one of the programs we support. They are so grateful with the help and support that we have been able to provide them with, that they want to help us in any way they can. Many help on a voluntary basis at events or fund-raise for us so that we can help others.

With your help we can continue to provide our workshops for those living with cancer as well as educating the general public on healthy eating, emotional health, juicing, Healthy Eating on a Budget and more.  We believe that prevention to disease is key, learn how to stay healthy through diet, exercise and caring for your emotional being.

We also continue to provide financial help to programs such as The Mary How Trust.

Please help us! Why not take part in a sponsored cycle ride, sponsored slim, skydiving challenge or any other weird and wacky challenge.

With your help we can provide more assistance to people with cancer, take our workshops throughout the UK  and expand our direct funding for people with cancer.

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