Fundraising ideas

Fundraising ideas

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Almost any activity can be turned into a fundraiser!

Fundraising Inspiration

Mark Beames: My Little Adventure

Earlier this year I read a book called the Salt Way, which was about a couple a little older than me that were faced with some life changing events.

A failed business venture which cost them their home and assets and an illness diagnosis that was life changing. They decided to go for a walk along the south coast over the course of a few months.

It inspired me to do my own walk around Leicestershire to get out on my own have some headspace and take on a personal challenge.

Mark Beams

I decided to raise money for Together Against Cancer for 2 reasons. Firstly we as a family have benefited directly from the wonderful support and treatments and also because, whilst all cancer fundraising for research is vital and important, I wanted to try and give something to those at the sharp end of things for them personally.

I set out hoping to get £500, by the end it was well over £2500, and this has been divided to support treatments and some new upcoming courses.

Supported by fundraising, TAC Wellness Centre can provide support to you.