Gift Aid Declaration

Gift Aid Declaration

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What is Gift Aid?

It’s a scheme introduced by the government which allows charities to reclaim the tax that supporters have already paid on their donations. For every £1 donated, the taxman gives us an extra 25p. So for every £1 you donate we actually receive £1.25.

Am I eligible?

If you are a UK taxpayer and have paid enough income or capital gains tax in the UK, in relation to the financial year, to cover the amount we’ll reclaim, then yes: please complete a Gift Aid declaration.

Please note if you become ineligible in the future due, because you stop paying enough tax to cover the gift aid recovered on all gifts you have made to charities and community amateur sports clubs then we need to draw your attention to the HMRC guidance in section 25(8) Finance Act 1990 which states: “Where the tax treated as deducted from a gift by virtue of subsection (6) above exceeds [sic ref section 25(6) FA1990] the amount of income tax and capital gains tax with which the donor is charged for the year of assessment, the donor shall be assessable and chargeable with income tax at the basic rate on so much of the gift as is necessary to recover an amount of tax equal to the excess.” Please ensure therefore that you inform us if you are no longer an eligible tax payer so we can update our records appropriately.

Where can I get a Gift Aid declaration form?

You can download a Gift Aid declaration form, request one by emailing, or phone us on 0116 246 0195.

What if I’m a pensioner?

We can still claim the full 25 per cent on your donations, providing you pay at least as much tax as we will be reclaiming in the year in which you made your gifts. As a pensioner, for example, you may still pay tax on a private pension scheme or a savings account, or pay Capital Gains Tax if you sell property or shares.

What if I’m a higher-rate taxpayer?

We can only claim the basic rate back, but this is still extremely valuable. You will also be able to claim additional personal tax relief on your self-assessment form.

I’m not eligible; should I still return the form?

Yes please. It would be a huge help if you could return a declaration to us letting us know not to claim. This way, we won’t contact you about Gift Aid again in the future, saving us time and money.

I’ve already completed a declaration for another charity. Do I need to complete one for Together Against Cancer?

Yes. You will need to complete a separate form for each charity you want to benefit from Gift Aid.

What else does ticking the Gift Aid box commit me to?

Nothing at all. It just ensures that, if you donate to us, we can claim money back from HM Revenue and Customs.

How long does my declaration last for?

Until you tell us to stop. At the moment, and as long as you remain eligible, your declaration lets us reclaim past (up to four years), present and future donations.

What if I change my mind, or am no longer paying tax?

Please let us know by contacting us at:

Together Against Cancer, Education and Wellness Centre, Unit S1 Troon Way Business Centre, Humberstone Lane, Leicester, LE4 9HA

Email to:

Will it really make a difference?

Yes. You will be increasing the value of your donation, which means we will be able to help more people with cancer as well as those without cancer through our education program.

Gift Aid Form
Download Gift Aid Form

Boosting donations with Gift Aid can make a huge difference to the overall total raised. This form helps you capture Gift Aid details.

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