Remembrance Tributes

Remembrance Tributes

MuchLoved is an online memorial platform for you to create a beautiful online tribute.

Create a FREE everlasting tribute page for your loved one with family and friends

With Together Against Cancer’s page via MuchLoved, you can create personalised online tributes to remember your loved one.

Creating a tribute is completely free and easy to do. Your personalised tribute page allows you to post stories, photos, videos, music and other treasured memories, which you can share with friends and family. The tribute page will give you a place to go and reminisce, anytime, anywhere, whenever you want. Watch the video below to learn more about MuchLoved tributes:

You'll help us to provide support

Tribute donation

Visitors to your personalised tribute page can help Together Against Cancer by making a donation in memory of your loved one. There are opportunities to remember special times and donate for birthdays, Christmas, and special dates. Fundraising in-memory is available, you can upload pictures and achievements to the tribute page. Please remember to search for ‘Together Against Cancer’ in the charity drop-down menu when creating your tribute page.

If you would like support for your In-Memory Event, Challenge, or Family Activity Fundraiser, please contact Together Against Cancer.


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How does it work?


How much does it cost?

Creating a tribute is completely free of charge.

Is it easy to do?

Creating your tribute is very simple and you’ll be able to do it yourself online.

Will my tribute be private?

You can control who is able to view your remembrance tribute.

How does the tribute help Together Against Cancer?

If you fundraise within your tribute, we’ll receive your valuable donation.

Supported by fundraising, TAC Wellness Centre can provide support to you.

"I have recently joined TAC as a patient, and the environment and welcoming staff are absolutely amazing. The treatments I am having like Reiki, Massages, Tong Ren and Yoga. It has been an honour and has helped me to relief my pain, after going through a lot with my ongoing chronic illness. I am trying my best to come to TAC more often so that I can carry on staying positive and to fight further. Thank you so much!!"
Ankit S.
/ T.A.C. Member
"TAC is a truely inspiring charity, its just near by from me, great support and therapies. All staff are supportive, very positive environment".
Minal S.
"This is the most wonderful space for anyone living with a cancer diagnosis, or caring for someone with cancer.. it is incredibly welcoming, as is every person you meet there, full of knowledge, inspiration and care x"
"Together Against Cancer is an incredible charity. Attended one of their events some time ago and recently visited the Centre. Is is wonderful to see that there is help available to people who need it the most. Wish more charities were hands-on as Together Against Cancer"
Damian K
"Fantastic organisation, great ethos, many people may not realise what they have to offer in support of cancer. If you know anyone who is impacted please encourage them to get in touch"
Rachel H
"It is a lovely space for people suffering from cancer and their carers"
Sylvie J