3 Disease-Fighting Foods in Your Cupboard

3 Disease-Fighting Foods in Your Cupboard

disease-fighting foods

3 Disease-Fighting Foods in Your Cupboard

Can you believe some of the most powerful natural disease-fighting foods, also make up some of our most-loved cooking basics? Sometimes it’s the simplest ingredients that pack the biggest punch when it comes to exploring medicinal foods and nutrients.

This couldn’t be more true for garlic, lemon and ginger – a superfood trio that contain potent health benefits, especially if you’re on a journey with chronic dis-ease or cancer. Take a look below for a mini deep-dive into the benefits of each ingredient…

Benefits of Garlic 

– to support immunity

One of the biggest known benefits of garlic is its immune-boosting properties, to strengthen your immune system and potentially fight off illness. Several studies have even found that dosing up on garlic during the winter season can reduce your chance of contracting colds or flu. In this trial, participants taking garlic were less likely to catch a cold than their placebo counterparts and recovered more quickly if they did fall ill. This study also found that garlic contains numerous compounds that reduce the severity of cold & flu symptoms by specifically improving immune cell function.

– helps you to naturally detox

Modern day living can be incredibly harsh on our bodies. From the foods we eat to the environment around us, the body can absorb toxins which makes the process of detoxification in this age so important. Rich in sulphur compounds, garlic is a natural detoxifier that can help the body rid itself of heavy metals – with one study showing it’s especially beneficial in detoxifying lead. Participants in this study all had lead poisoning, with those taking garlic experiencing fewer symptoms overall. Garlic also enhances the action of glutathione, the “master antioxidant” heavily involved in detoxification.

– significant cancer-fighting potential

Numerous studies have explored the properties of garlic in relation to cancer and how consuming this superfood is linked to a decreased risk in lung cancer, breast cancer and pancreatic cancer. The sulphur compounds within garlic have also been shown to destroy cancer cells.

Benefits of Lemon 

– immune-boosting properties

Lemons contain one of the best sources of vitamin C, which has long been known to help ward off infection. If you have a deficiency in this nutrient, it can leave your body more susceptible to infectious diseases. It’s especially known that boosting vitamin C intake when you’re suffering with a common cold or respiratory tract infection, can shorten the duration of the illness.

– includes cancer-fighting compounds

Rich in antioxidants and other plant compounds known to have a positive effect on cancer, it’s encouraged to consume lemons regularly to lower your risk. In several studies, lemon juice and lemon compounds are shown to inhibit breast cancer cells, suppress tumour growth and suppress cancer cell proliferation.

Benefits of Ginger 

– supports digestion

For thousands of years and amongst different cultures, ginger has been a powerhouse in supporting digestion and easing nausea. In fact, it’s one of the best digestive tonics you can take! Ginger is massively popular in folk and plant medicine, and for good reason… there are plenty of academic studies to back it up. Ginger can relieve many symptoms of indigestion such as gas, bloating and stomach cramps, and multiple studies have also confirmed ginger can ease nausea associated with chemotherapy, surgery and sickness.

– supports immune system & fights infection

Ginger and ginger extracts have been studied to show they can inhibit a viral strain that commonly causes respiratory infections and multiple strains of drug-resistant bacteria… just to reference a couple of the many studies available.

Another fantastic immune booster, ginger can also support the body and provide immune support when fighting infection. This includes strengthening antibody response. Overall, it’s an essential herb to include year-round in your diet to support health & wellbeing.

– helps with pain & inflammation

Gingerol is the main active compound in ginger, and research has shown that this alone has powerful anti-inflammatory and antioxidant benefits. Studies have shown it can be particularly effective in reducing inflammation in the body and is a powerful natural pain relief… especially for osteoarthritis and menstrual-related pain.

We hope this encourages you to utilise the health benefits of disease-fighting foods garlic, lemon & ginger. You could even get creative and make your own wellness “shot” in the blender… which for most, just the thought of these 3 raw ingredients mixed together is enough to make you wince! A potent flavour experience… the strong pungent raw spice of garlic, mixed with fiery ginger heat, topped with the sour yet refreshing addition of lemon. However, don’t be deterred. This powerful mix of garlic-lemon-ginger is bursting with mighty plant compounds; immune-boosting and disease-fighting benefits to support your healing journey.

At Together Against Cancer, we often welcome guest speakers to the Wellness Centre to support your healing journey, including nutritional guidance and ways to explore the medicinal uses of food in your diet. Keep an eye on our events page for an updated schedule of workshops over the coming months: https://www.togetheragainstcancer.org.uk/events/