Mind-Body Connection – Can Visualisation Work For You?

Mind-Body Connection – Can Visualisation Work For You?


Mind-Body Connection – Can Visualisation Work For You?

Visualisation is a powerful tool for change, whether you’re on a healing journey or simply hoping to shift your thought patterns. Once you step into the world of complementary therapies, you will probably start to hear more about visualisation, especially the mind-body connection. 

Our brain controls the many processes in our bodies, and our cells respond to whatever orders are generated.

There are several techniques available to engage the brain and its powerful imagination, in order to communicate to your cells and tell them what they need to do. 

This may sound a little bit “out there”, so here’s the science bit…

Have you heard of the Reticular Activating System (RAS)? This bundle of nerves in our brain acts as a filter for all of the information we are bombarded with every second of the day. It is this filter that dictates what is brought forward to our attention. You can program your RAS to focus on what you want instead of what you don’t want.

We discuss so many valuable techniques in our empowering Visualisation workshop… dream lists, setting goals, affirmations, visualisation and vision boards. 

By using several of these techniques, you can learn and help to:

  • reduce stress
  • change damaging habits 
  • improve your outlook on life by focusing on the positive 

By becoming aware of the power of your thoughts, you are truly in the driving seat. Life doesn’t just happen to you, it happens around you, and you decide how it impacts your world. 

To explore Visualisation further, join Valerie on our next Visualisation workshop. We host sessions throughout the year, so head over to our events page to find a day that suits you.