5 Superfoods to Support Your Immune System

5 Superfoods to Support Your Immune System

superfoods to support your immune system

5 Superfoods to Support Your Immune System

Good health ultimately depends on a functioning immune system. Without good, robust immunity we are much more likely to encounter health problems that can manifest as acute dis-ease. Often in the early stages of imbalance, it simply means the body is struggling to maintain equilibrium. In this acute stage, it is usually much easier to return the body back to balance. But if the acute stage is improperly treated or even ignored, this may eventually lead to chronic dis-ease. To help move the body towards health, we need to address the reasons the body has lost vibrancy and instead allowed the symptoms of dis-ease to present themselves. Vibrant health can often be restored when we learn how to make a closer connection to nature’s eternal laws.

As winter approaches, here are 5 organic foods that support the immune system and raise the vibrancy within our cells. There are many other foods to include for maximum benefit, however these 5 superfoods should be regularly included in your meals, especially during the colder months.

1) Baked Potato

Potatoes are very nutritious and satisfying, especially when paired with lightly cooked vegetables and a small salad. High in complex carbohydrates, potatoes will raise blood sugar so people with blood sugar issues do need to be cautious. In this case, size is important. A small potato will still contain a variety of useful nutrients such as mineral potassium, which helps restore cellular integrity. After cooking a little, drizzle a good quality organic oil such as olive or flax oil onto the potato halves. This improves the flavour and helps to slow down the absorption of carbs into the bloodstream.

2) Ginger

Ginger root is another great source of potassium and anti-inflammatory plant chemicals. It’s also good for circulation and can help to relieve nausea. Ginger is a fantastic all-rounder for those on a healing journey.

superfoods to boost your immune system

3) Carrots

Carrots are an excellent source of valuable, healthy nutrients and can be prepared in several ways. Raw, grated carrot and lightly cooked carrots can also be included in multi-vegetable ferments to restore and maintain a healthy gut.

4) Beetroot

Like carrots, beetroot is very versatile. Eat it cooked or raw; it’s also a great blood-building component when paired with leafy greens, especially in juices. The beetroot tops are full of nutrition and can be juiced or added to salads.

5) Peppers

Peppers are very rich in vitamins C and A, so they should be eaten regularly by those on a healing journey. Eat them raw or cooked in red, green and yellow shades to support your rainbow diet. Peppers are also high in fibre to encourage bowel health, high in iron and folate to help the red and white cells and contain a good amount of potassium.

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Please note the information in this article is for those who don’t have any issues with food sensitivities or allergies.