The Importance of Body Detoxification on a Healing Journey

The Importance of Body Detoxification on a Healing Journey


The Importance of Body Detoxification on a Healing Journey

Living in the modern world, along with the evolution of technology, has brought us many conveniences that our ancestors didn’t have the pleasure of utilising; cars, planes, supermarkets, mobile phones etc. And this has helped us in so many ways; we can get around faster and further, we have immediate access to an abundance of food and lifestyle products and we can communicate with one another from two sides of the globe in an instant. But as is the spirit of duality, everything must also exist in balance, meaning there’s a flip side to these great things, too.

With the advanced transport comes air pollution; with the supermarkets comes pre-packaged food and chemical-laden cleaning and beauty products; with computer technology comes harmful electromagnetic frequencies. In fact, unlike our ancestors, we’re living amongst a constant barrage of toxins, often from sources we’re blissfully unaware of – until dis-ease kicks in, and we’re suddenly wondering where we went wrong. Even if we’ve done plenty of exercise and eaten the ‘right’ foods for many years, we can still wind up very sick.

As our world becomes more toxic, our cells are affected in a detrimental way. They are where it all begins (and ends); if our cells cannot do their job of repairing and keeping us healthy, then this soon manifests as a physical ailment and/or dis-ease.

Our cells are always taking in substances – whether nutrients or toxins – and breaking them down on a daily basis. And so too are our detoxifying organs (liver, kidneys, lungs, large intestine, lymph and skin). But there comes a point when they can be so overloaded, that they struggle to deal with anything effectively, whether vitamins and nutrients, or chemicals and free radicals. This leads to toxins being reabsorbed by the body, which can bring about body odour, acne, fatigue, brain fog and in worse cases even organ failure and chronic dis-ease. So to bring our cells (and organs) back into tip-top condition, we need to raise our vitality, and the only way we can do this is by detoxification.

One way to achieve this is by improving our diet; cutting out processed and junk foods and replacing them with fresh, living organic foods. It’s so important to ensure your produce is organic if you’re healing a chronic illness, as much like our skies, our soils are also polluted (another thing our ancestors didn’t have to worry about), and the added use of pesticides just adds to the toxic intake. Juicing is another great way of moving more toxins from the cells, so that they can begin to function optimally again. Regular coffee enemas can also be very beneficial, as can Epsom salt baths, oil pulling, skin brushing and castor oil packs.

Of course, it’s often impossible to prevent us absorbing certain toxins (air pollution, for example), and just as important not to worry too much about these things (stress reduction is also a big factor in dis-ease prevention). But just being more mindful of what we put into or on to our bodies, whether it is food, cosmetics or cleaning products, goes a long way to reducing the amount of toxicity we’re exposed to. And with a regular detoxification ritual using some of the examples above, we can ensure we’re giving our bodies the best chance it has at fighting, preventing and recovering from dis-ease.