Why The Health & Wellness Show Was More Than Just A Fundraiser

Why The Health & Wellness Show Was More Than Just A Fundraiser

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Why The Health & Wellness Show Was More Than Just A Fundraiser

Here at the Education & Wellness Centre, we’re still coming down from the excitement that was last week’s Health & Wellness Show. We’re now recuperating after lots of hard work, but still have our eye on the ball for future endeavours! One of the reasons we held the event was to raise publicity and funds for the centre. We raised almost £1000, and this was a brilliant achievement by all staff and volunteers involved! But upon reflection this week, we’ve realised why the day meant far more to us overall.

Although TAC has existed for ten years, the Education & Wellness Centre has only been open for just under two. During that time, we’ve grown in leaps and bounds, branching out in all directions and extending our range of therapies, workshops and support.Of course, it’s always difficult for charities to remain sustainable without government funding, but as with all ‘struggle’, there is strength to be cultivated from this. We have the freedom to explore new avenues and ideas that pass our way. This is very exciting for us, as we are open to pretty much everything! This ‘unconventional’ approach may appear to some people as a bit “out there”, and often creates discomfort too. But that’s exactly what we love. We love being “out there”, and learning to sit with and explore ‘discomfort’ is one of the golden keys to growth.


Ironically though, “out there” doesn’t seem to actually translate as being “seen” at all. We’ve found some holistic approaches to healthcare are automatically disregarded by the medical community, due to ‘lack of scientific studies’. There are however many studies to be found (see the work of Professor Robert Thomas, or the psychology of mind-body health, for example); we just have to look. And the truth is, many of these modalities are not new at all – in fact, it’s all about returning to nature; reconnecting with the wisdom of our ancestors, combined with the ongoing advances in modern science and amazing technology of the age in which we live. And there are countless sources of anecdotal evidence to refer to, but these aren’t considered of value to many of us who have been conditioned to follow the ideas of ‘modern medicine’ without question or exploration.
So, by putting ourselves “out there” and hosting The Health & Wellness Show, we weren’t only raising money to continue our work, and giving the Education & Wellness Centre some much-needed exposure to let the Midlands (and beyond) know we’re here. We were also granted the precious opportunity to open people’s eyes to new options for health and healing experiences, perhaps never thought of or considered before.

We were blessed with the chance to create a space in Syston where anybody and everybody felt welcome, safe and free to explore undiscovered depths of themselves. Whether through insightful talks about nutrition, mindset or meditation, the therapeutic benefits of salt lamps, crystals, flower bach remedies, frequency devices, herbs and oils, movement practices such as dance, yoga and tai-chi qigong, or even massage, shamanic healing practices, reiki, drumming and sound therapy. Whole new worlds were opened up, and one visitors’ comment on how they found “a breakthrough in relation to the breath” really touched us – reinforcing our belief that a healthy life does not have to be a struggle. Connecting to our breath and creating healthy breathing patterns is so profoundly simple, and still one of the most powerful tools we all innately have at our disposal.

This goes back to the simplicity of living a happy and healthy life – the understanding that we all have the power within us to not only create health, but also recreate it if we become ill. We all hold these abilities, it’s just a case of remembering and tuning into them.

So for us, this is what made the Health & Wellness Show so important – giving people the chance to recognise and reclaim their own natural wisdom and innate self-healing abilities. And Sunday’s event really opened the door for us, and everybody who visited, to step through and realise this.